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Hackthorn Church Of England Primary School

A small traditional school with a modern outlook

Parental views

It is always valuable to consider he views of parents when running any school. We believe it is also vital that the views of pupils are valued too.

This section of the website shows the views of pupils and parents over time to our work and also details of how to use the government’s ‘Parent View’ data collection website.

Overall the teachers and the whole team give the school its sense of community and care about the children so much. It is such a fab school in every way.

Hackthorn is a wonderful school – warm, creative, child-centered. The school nurtures the children when they need it, and challenge them so they can achieve. Everyone is treated like an individual, My children are blossoming here. They love it!

The school has very good attributes of caring and nurturing. The get to know the individual child and are very knowledgeable about their likes/dislikes and their achievements. I am very happy I changed my older child to this school as he has benefitted from the above and come on leaps and bounds. The staff are fantastic and made the transition of starting a new school easy with their approach. They are an inclusive, person centered school. I have no concerns.

The school is outstanding in educational standards and that is important but equally so I am very happy with the mannerly, considerate attitudes displayed by staff & kids & the lack of bad behavior & bullying

Annual Parent Survey

We have carried out annual parent surveys for many, many years. The surveys take place during Spring Term parent/teacher interview evenings.

My children are viewed as individuals rather than a number & their educational needs are fully understood.

It must be noted that in such a small school one response, on average, represents around 5% of the opinions expressed.

Enthusiastic motivational teaching

Sometimes we use the Ofsted format and sometimes we seek parental opinions about specific issues.

Here is a sample of responses from previous surveys carried out in school (totals are percentages):

Parent View

Parents can also express their opinions about the school on the government’s ‘Parent View’ website. This is updated every year and can be accessed at:

"Caring & spiritual ethos

The Views of Pupils


Every Autumn term we carry out a survey of pupil views. Here are some examples and comments from recent years:




What is best about my school ?

The learning quality

Everyone gets attention and protection and kindness

The desks

The teachers teach you well

You feel free to speak

Headteacher makes me laugh

I really like the friendly atmosphere

It’s VERY funny

I like smiling at the teachers

Loving friends

Basically everything