Main Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 3PF


Hackthorn Church Of England Primary School

A small traditional school with a modern outlook


These dates apply to the 2024/25 Academic Year



Application dates

Key dates Details
15 November 2023 Admissions open
15 January 2024 Admissions close (national closing date)
9 February 2024 Lincolnshire final closing date for late applications and changes (your application may not be accepted if you apply to schools outside of Lincolnshire).
17 April 2024 Admissions reopen for late applications or changes
17 May 2024 Admissions close
after 3 June 2024 Main allocation process ends and all further applications are dealt with on at least a weekly basis



How to appeal

Lincolnshire County Council


In-year applications
Lincolnshire County Council operates non-statutory coordination of these applications. Those who would like a school place in Lincolnshire may apply online using the Lincolnshire parent portal on the LCC website or obtain a paper form from 01522 782030. Those who would like places in schools outside of Lincolnshire should apply to the LA in which the school is situated.

All in-year applications will be dealt with by 31st August at the latest, each year.