Main Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 3PF


Hackthorn Church Of England Primary School

A small traditional school with a modern outlook

Car Parking

Dropping off and picking up

It is very important that we all try to keep congestion to a minimum at home time and safe when children are dropped off each morning.

Here are our anti-congestion and safety conventions:

  • Park on the opposite side of the road to school
  • Leave at least 10 metres either side of the lay-by to ensure that ‘non-school’ traffic can get through and the school bus can park
  • Children enter school by the main door, by the office, and should be escorted safely across the road in the mornings by parents/guardians.  (They are escorted across the road at home time via the playground double gates)
  • Leave sufficient room when dropping children off in the morning to ensure the view of children crossing the road opposite the school entrance gate is not obscured
  • Do not park on the grass verges or footpaths
  • Do not block entrances/driveways