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Hackthorn Church Of England Primary School

A small traditional school with a modern outlook

Charging Policy

The Governing Body adopts the basic principle underlying the charging provisions of the 1988 Act, that the education provided by our school should be free if it takes place wholly or mainly during school hours.

All money received in the school must be within one of the Hackthorn money pockets provided in the schools reception.  All envelopes should be clearly marked with the child’s name and what the money is for.


From time to time parents will be invited to contribute towards the cost of a school outing, visit, or special activity.  In order for parents to judge the voluntary amount the school will inform them of the total cost of the activity so they can gauge their response.  If sufficient voluntary contributions are not forthcoming the school may reserve the right to cancel the proposed visit.

100% of such charges will be met by the school in respect of children in receipt of Pupil Premium.


From September 2014 the government has introduced universal free school meals for all infant pupils.  Therefore children in Reception or KS1 will not be charged for school meals.

In KS2, meals are charged in accordance with our school meal’s provider’s charging policy.  Parents register with Wisepay and bookings and payment are made online directly with them.  If the school has to close due to weather conditions or meals are not provided due to industrial action, parents will receive a credit for the cost of the meal.  If meals have been ordered prior to a school trip being announced, then the meal can be cancelled with at least 7 days’ notice


Voluntary contributions will be requested towards swimming tuition and provision of pool time.

100% of such charges will be made by the school in respect of children in receipt of Pupil Premium.


Children in receipt of Pupil Premium will receive an annual allowance of £30 to spend towards uniform sourced directly from the school.

Charges for school uniform are as follows:


Sweatshirts: Cardigans: Polo Shirts:
26 £7.50 26 £8.50 3-4 years £6.60
28 £7.50 28 £8.50 5-6 years £6.60
30 £7.50 30 £8.50 7-8 years £6.60
32 £7.50 32 £8.50 9-10 years £6.60
34 £8.50 34 £9.50 11-12 years £6.60
36 £8.50        
PE T-shirts: PE Hoodies (Optional): PE Bags:
3-4 years £4.50 3-4 years/



£11.50 Small (KS1) £4.20
5-6 years £4.50 5-6 years/



£11.50 Large (KS2) £4.20
7-8 years £4.50 7-8 years/



£11.50 Book Bags:


(free on entry)

9-10 years £4.50 9-11 years/



11-12 years £4.50 12-13 years/



£11.50 Water Bottles:




Background Documentation

Education Act 1996, section 457.
Education (School Sessions and Charges and Remissions Policies) (Information) (England) Regulations 1999.
Education (Residential Trips) (Prescribed Tax Credits) (England) Regulations 2003, SI 2003/381.
The School Information (England) Regulations 2008 (as amended).

Review Date

Annually or in accordance with any new national developments.

Policy updated: September 2021