Children experience a very wide variety of sports and PE during their time with us.

We have facilities to provide activities such as: dance, hockey, volleyball, cricket, lacrosse, tennis, squash, tag rugby, table tennis, football, netball, cheer leading, tri-golf etc.

It is important the youngest children gain vital multi-skills in their early development which can later be transferred to a variety of other sports. In order to help us deliver these skills we use sports premium funding to employ additional sports coaches. Our sport partnership also provide training for our staff.

Although we do not have a hall we use space creatively to provide as wide a range of activities as we can.

We believe learning to swim is an essential life skill and that children should start swimming as young as possible. Every summer term the whole school travel together to a local pool to have a swimming session each week. This is an extremely successful programme of high quality teaching which has yielded excellent results.

A sports day is held each year.

If you are looking for a local sports activity this link should find your nearest sports clubs

Information about how we use our sports premium funding is here