School Performance

KS2 results 2015-16

Pupils regularly achieve SAT score results consistent with expectations and are generally above national average*


In 2016, our children completed the ‘new-style’ SATs tests based on the more rigorous objectives in the New Curriculum. Both Key Stage 1 and 2 indicators have changed which has made it impossible to provide a direct comparison with previous years.


When reading our data it must be remembered that the small number of pupils in each cohort can produce a very misleading percentage figure. The data can be very ‘raw’ and does not always take into account the number of pupils with SEND or how long pupils have been with us etc. It is important to consider the starting points of each individual and compare these to their final levels of progress.


Subject School % National %
Reading 71% 66%
Maths 86% 70%
Writing 57% 74%
Grammar 57% 72%

Nationally 53% of pupils met the combined Reading, Writing & Maths standards. We achieved 57%.

*This year our pupils underperformed in Writing and in the spelling section of the Grammar test.

This is why we have prioritised these areas in our School Development plan.


Average scaled scores

Subject School National
Reading 102.1 102.6
Maths 103 103
Grammar 105 104



The new progress measures, introduced in 2016, are a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment.

Subject School National
Reading -1.8 -5
Maths -1.2 -5
Writing -4.4 -7




Annual Review of 2015/16

We publish a review at the end of each academic year which outlines not only our achievements, but also our plans going forward

earlier reviews are also available here

Performance tables


Annual ‘Report Card’