Pupil Premium

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What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is an additional layer of funding received by schools. The amount allocated is linked directly to the number of pupils eligible for Free School Meals and the number of pupils whose families work in the Armed Services. Funding is also given to children in the care of the Local Authority.

Nationally the statistics show that students who are in receipt of FSM or in the care of the Local Authority do less well than their peers in external exams.

The aim of this money is to try to close that attainment gap.


Objectives for Pupil Premium:

  • Pupil Premium and Armed Services Funding will be used to provide additional educational support that will directly or indirectly improve the progress and raise the standard of achievement for these pupils.
  • The funding will be used to close the gap between the achievement of these pupils and their peers
  • The funding will reach those pupils who need it most to make an impact on their education and lives


Context of the School:

Hackthorn church of England primary school educates children from 4 to 11 years of age. We currently have 60 children on roll. Our pupils derive from the local village and surrounding areas. Recently we have welcomed several families from Lincoln. We have links with a before and after school ‘Kids club’ in the neighbouring village who provide transport for children in a breakfast and after school club.


Monitoring Pupil Premium:

The School Leadership Team and Governing Body monitor the impact of spending and interventions. The Governing Body receive regular information on Pupil Premium and Services Funding which allows progress to be monitored, tracked and challenged appropriately.


Number of Pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received for 2015 – 16


Total number of pupils on roll 60
Total number eligible for Pupil premium 11
Type of PPG Number of pupils on roll Amount per pupil Total amount received
FSM (Free school meals) & Ever 6 10 £1,320 £13,200
LAC (Looked after) 1 £1,900 £1,900


Total received for pupils on roll 2015-16 £15,100
Carry forward from 2014-15 £1,738.62
Total Amount of funding for 2015-16 £16,838.62




During the academic year the list of pupils eligible for funding is constantly reviewed. Whilst there remains a group that would benefit from academic intervention and support, it has been identified (largely under the forever 6 criteria) that there is also a group for whom academic attainment is less of an issue. We believe it is more beneficial for such children to provide extra-curricular activities to enrich their talents. We spend the funding according to the needs of the individual pupil. This could be to support them directly with academic learning or to support other developmental needs which will in turn positively affect their ability to learn.

As we are a school with very small cohorts and children eligible for Pupil Premium are not evenly distributed across year groups it would be misleading to judge the impact of the use of Pupil Premium purely in terms of national testing data. When the progress of individual children is examined however, the effect of the funding on the development of ‘the whole child’ can be seen in context.


Nature of support 2015/16

The Pupil Premium funding received at Hackthorn Church of England primary school has been allocated in a number of ways.


Project Cost Objective Outcome/Impact
Teaching assistant £5,000 Partially funded by PP funding, to provide individual intervention work opportunities eg Literacy support, Hornet, Toe by Toe and Plus 2 programmes


Increased progress in reading, academic gaps have been narrowed and pupils are on track to make expected progress


Support from SENCO £2,500 Partially funded to complete assessments, identify weaknesses and suggest necessary support programmes Support programmes help targeted children to make ‘small steps’



Writing intervention programme £1,800 To recognise and understand the meaning of targeted grammatical structures and apply these in daily work


Improved understanding of key terminology and evidence of higher level of punctuation being used more accurately in everyday work
Ipad project £1,000 Partially funded by PP funding to purchase 8 new ipads to foster individualised learning in small group work and encourage creativity


Pupils enjoyed the engaging apps, particularly the Maths games and improved rapid recall of tables etc
Learning mentor £1,000 1 to 1 support and emotional support Improved behaviour for learning, leading to higher levels of achievement and progress

Minimum disruption to learning of peers within classroom environment

Targeted support for specific barriers to learning



Training courses £260 Training courses for Teaching assistants to increase the depth and variety of support they can offer.


Course attendance and application of

techniques learned,benefitted children’s learning.

Resources £800 To purchase resource materials for use with pupils.

Investment in enhancing role play resources for EYFS/KS1 to inspire children’s writing

Access to programmes for individual learning

Study guides purchased to support homework for PP pupils

Improvement in KS1 children’s writing as a result of increased level of engagement in enhanced role play

Themes: Winter wonderland, Space station, Castle, Bug Hut

Provision of enrichment activities £1100 To provide wider experiences for PP children to raise aspiration by facilitating subsidised places for:

Educational visits and transport

School residential

Opportunity to learn a new language

Enrichment of talents – Music, Sport


Improvement in social skills

Learning new skills, increased confidence


Increased self-esteem and engagement linked to improved academic achievement


Development of team building skills and partnership working with peers


Trips have included: Rand farm residential. Gainsborough Old Hall, Swimming, Ice skating, Zoolab, Lincoln castle

Before and after school Kids club £1400 Socialisation skill development – Providing access to club.  We offer funded places for PP pupils to ensure that children are sufficiently nourished and prepared for learning.




Improved self esteem

Increase in energy and enthusiasm for learning

Ability to maintain high levels of focus and concentration during lessons

Improved attendance and improved parental engagement with school to support learning

Emotional support  for pupils  to assist in the removal of barriers to learning

TOTAL INCOME      2015 – 2016